microCOR ECG Device

Infron Ltd., has started production of pc-based 12-lead microCOR ECG Device, combining diagnostic measurement quality with miniature size.  Some features of the device and software are:

  • Small enough to fit into a jacket pocket together with the cables
  • 100% electrical safety and flexible patient location due to wireless USB data transfer
  • Battery life of 1000s of ECG acquisitons due to intelligent power management
  • Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating system support
  • ECG acquisition and printout with just 3 mouse clicks
  • Patient/ECG database, vector PDF output
  • On-screen zoom into leads and measurement capability
  • ECG Device calibration check and electrode connection quality check
  • ECG data files with  up to 10 minutes of record length

Detailed info is on pages microCOR ECG Device ve  microCOR PC Software .