microCOR ECG Device

  • 12-Lead Diagnostic Data – Provides high quality data required for diagnostic purposes
  • Hospital PACS Connectivity – Uses DICOM communication to receive Work List and submit ECG data in selected format to PACS for pure digital ECG acquisition, transmission and storage.
  • Industry Standard Interpretation Library – Basic parameters are calculated and interpreted with highly reliability for the selected interval of ECG data and appended to report output after user approval.
  • Wireless Communication  –  Provides 100% electrical safety and  positioning freedom for the patient
  • Powerful Software – Different viewing options, zooming into individual channels,  on-screen measurements, electrode connection quality indication,  extended recording for event detection, JPEG output, etc …
  • Vector PDF – Saves every detail of ECG data into PDF file.
  • Laser/Inkjet Printing – Uses standard A4 paper on any off-the-shelf printer; therefore, does not require special paper stock or spare parts
  • Configurable Equipment – May be used with it’s own control panel or standard personal computers and tablets
  • Reliable ECG Data – Provides self-calibration check, electrode connection quality check, battery level warning
  • Miniature / Low-power – May be easily carried and operated anywhere

Detailed info is on pages microCOR ECG Device ve  microCOR PC Software .