microCOR PC Software

microCOR PC Software receives data from microCOR ECG Device via USB Adapter and displays it in several different formats,  prints it out, saves it in PDF or SVG formats and records into the patient folder and attch notes.

The software can also retrieve ECG records from patient’s folder, for editing attached notes, printing and exporting to PDF files.

You can download microCOR PC Software from Download page.







Patient/ECG Database

Left part of the application window is Patient Window, reserved for display and operations on patient folders (see Fig-1, left side). Patient folders contain basic information and notes about the patients and ECG records with attached notes. Use of this database is optional. When not used, may be hidden to allocate the complete application window to Data Window for visual display of ECG data(as in Fig-2 ve Fig-3)

10 Minutes Data Recording Length

Data Window on the right part of the application window contains visual representation of ECG data acquired from the patient. Recording is started by pressing the “Star/Pause”button at the top. Acquired data is displayed on screen in real time. Recording may be paused and resumed as desired In this way, ECG data may be acquired for total time duration of up to 10 minutes with breaks in data plot indicating the pauses (see Fig-3 ). When acquisition is paused, user may scroll to any part of the recording and may print it as ECG, save into a PDF file or record it into the patient’s folder.

Electrode Quality Check and Calibration Control

Everytime the recording is started, the skin contact quality of all electrodes are displayed so that the user may detect and correct faulty and low-quality electrode connections. Calibration Control may be used for detecting channel gain and ECG cable continuity faults.

Visualisation and Measurement in 3  Levels of Detail

When recording is paused, data in Data Window may be visualised in three different ways; Monitor View resembling a patient monitor (see Fig-1), ECG View similar to an ECG printout (see Fig-2) and Lead View displaying the detail of a single channel (see Fig-3). It is possible to scroll through the recording in all three views to select the region of interest. Moreover, measurements may be performed using the onscreen cursor in ECG and Lead Views.

ECG Printout using 3 Buttons

Recording is started by pressing the “Star/Pause”button at the top of the Data Window. Recording is paused by pressing the same button after 20 seconds (or after sufficient length of clean ECG data is acquired). After scrolling to the clean part “Print” button sends ECG to printer. “PDF” button will save data in a pdf file, “Save” button will record it into the patieent’s folder.

Vector PDF File

Software writes ECG data as vectors into PDF files, which means no detail is lost. While viewing the PDF file, it is possible to zoom into any part to observe the details of the original recorded signal.   Thus, PDF files may be used to communicate ECG data to other people in all its detail.

Et cetera…

Line/EMG/Drift filters, sensitivity and plotting speed selection, hiding selected channels, patient database backup, device connection and battery level indicators, adjustable color schemes, Lead View printout/pdf,  export in SVG format,  automatic software update over Internet,… and other features may be evaluated by downloading and installing the software.