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microCOR ECG Device

Basically amplifies the ECG signals acquired from patient, digitizes, processes and transmits them wirelessly to the software running on a nearby computer via the USB adapter attached to it. The EKG Device operates with 2 AA-sized batteries of any kind (Alkaline, NiCd, NiMH or zinc). USB Adapter may be carried attached at the back of the ECG device when not used.

Small/ Lightweight Design

Total carrying weight of microCOR ECG Device (device+cables) is 220 grams. Device dimensions are 8.5cm x 8.75cm x 2.3cm. It’s cables are smaller and much lighter than standard ECG cables. As a result; the ECG device is very easy to take along. It easily fits inside a notebook case, glove compartments or even a jacket pocket, thus making ECG acquisition possible wherever a pc is available nearby.

Wireless Data Transfer

microCOR ECG Device transfers the ECG data acquired from patient to USB Adapter in digital format. Digital communication guarantees signal transmission without any deterioration.

Due to wireless data transfer;

  • No grounding of the ECG equipment is required since risk of electrical shock is absolutely zero.
  • Patient may be located away from computer, even in another nearby room  during acquisiton and can temporarily leave without detaching the cables. This freedom of location and movement is also psychologically relaxing.

Intelligent Power Management

microCOR ECG Device can record ECG data for more than 40 hours with  2  AA-sized alkaline batteries. This translates to 1000s of ecg acquisitons under normal conditions.  In order to provide such a long and reliable battery life:

  • ECG Device enters a partial sleep to minimixe power drain when not acquiring data.
  • If ECG acquisition is not started or stopped within a certain period of time device automatically shuts down, assuming the user forgot to act.
  • Device shuts down when user exits the pc software (optional).
  • When battery level drops too much, risking data integrity, device automatically pauses ECG acquisition and warns the user. Therefore, batteries may be used to their full capacity without risking data integrity.