Please backup your patient database before install !

Patient Database Backup

Patient Database Backup folder is changed, therefore; new application will move your current database to the new folder. Please backup your Patient Database using “Tools > Backup Database” menu command before uninstalling the previous software version. You can use “Tools > Restore Database” menu to restore your database in case of any problems.

Viewing Operating Manuals & ECG files

Operating Manuals are standard PDF files. ECG records can also be exported as PDF files. To view PDF files in Microsoft Windows systems, you can use Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, Evince or similar PDF reader software.

Sample ECG Session Records

In Windows systems, shortcuts to sample ECG session records are under the Start Menu. In Mac OS X systems, sample ECG session records may be loaded from the install disk. (Note: In order to export or import ECG Session Records, you must uncheck “Disable Session Save / Load Menu” in Settings panel)

Install Steps

  • Download installer file for your Operating System.
  • For Apple Mac OS :
    • If microCOR ECG Application is already installed:
      • Exit microCOR ECG Application, if running,
      • Uninstall from Applications,
    • Run the installer,
    • Drag and drop the program to Applications directory,
  • For Microsoft Windows :
    • Exit microCOR ECG Application if running,
    • Run the installer,
    • If Software was previously installed, accept the warning to uninstall the old one,
    • Continue with the installer,
  • Unplug and replug the USB device.

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Mac OS X is a Trademark of Apple.