microCOR ECG Device

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  • 12-lead diagnostic grade ECG monitoring/recording
  • Industry standard interpretation option
  • PACS integration option using DICOM protocol
  • Miniature size, wireless computer connection
  • Windows/macOS software with practical, touch-enabled user interface

Safety / Performance Reliability
In addition to CE-certification, clinical performance of microCOR ECG Device was evaluated in a comparative study in Emergency Department of Pamukkale University School of Medicine Hospital.

Miniature & Low-power
Total carrying weight (device+cable) is 220 grams. Device dimensions are 8.5cm x 8.7cm x 2.3cm. Cables are much lighter and more compact than standard ECG cables. Device, including the cables easily fits into notebook case side-pocket, suitcase, glove box or even coat pocket facilitating use outside the hospital or doctor’s office.

Due to intelligent power control, 2xAA Alkaline batteries provide more than 4000 ECG recordings.

Wireless Communication
microCOR ECG Device transfers ECG data by wireless communication to a USB dongle attached to a standard computer or Control Panel positioned up to 10 meters away; Thus; patient has 100% electrical safety. Wireless communication also provides positional freedom for patient.

ECG data integrity and safety are guaranteed since wireless communication is digital. USB dongle may be attached to the back of ECG device when not in use.

Powerful Practical Windows/macOS Software
Computer software is rich in features and designed for simplicity of use. Some of the important features are;

  • Various viewing configurations (“1×12”, “3×4+rhytm”, “single-channel”) to visualize, save and print
  • Long ECG recording for “event monitoring” application
  • Touch interaction capability and menu shortcut buttons in user-interface
  • ECG interpretation Option (Windows only)
  • PACS connectivity Option

Electrode Contact Quality Measurement
Contact quality of electrodes may be monitored before starting ECG recording in order to pinpoint and fix electrode attachment and cable connection problems.

Calibration Control
Device calibration may be performed without any additional equipment in order to check channel gains and cable integrity. Error percentages are calculated for each channel and displayed to user.

Battery Level Safety
Device battery level is continuously monitored. If level drops below the safe value for reliable recording, recording is automatically interrupted. User interface warns user when batteries need replacement .

Vector PDF
ECG data is saved in PDF file in full detail using vector format; all data to smallest detail may be observed by zooming in the plot on screen. You may view sample PDF outputs in 2×6, 4×3+rhythm and single-channel formats

Laser/İnkjet Printout
Printouts with standard printers on A4 paper; no special papers,parts or service required.

Industry-standard Interpretation
Basic parameters are calculated and interpretation is generated using Glasgow ECG Interpretation Library and appended to ECG data in summary or detail. Interpretation accounts for patient’s age, sex, race, previous diagnoses and used medication.

Hospital PACS Integration
Software receives Work List from PACS using DICOM protocol. List may be filtered using various criteria in order to select the relevant job. A bar-code reader may also utilized to read a patient tag for job selection avoiding text entry errors. Then; generated ECG report is loaded into the PACS in PDF, JPEG or BMP format. PACS connection faults are accounted for by the software. Thus; complete ECG ordering, recording and storage process is performed in paperless digital domain.

Optional ControlPanel
kontrol panelBesides a standard computer, microCOR ECG Device may also be used with it’s dedicated “Control Panel”. Touch-enabled user interface display and shortcut menu buttons immensely simplify usage.